Maintenance Enforcement Program (MEP) Account

This is a secure portal containing personal and private information about your Maintenance Enforcement case. Only the details of your MEP file will display when you enter your information.

Enter your name, MEP case number and PIN to view the payment status of your account including the amount due each month, date and amount of the most recent payment, and total arrears, if any. You can also review any court orders associated with your MEP case.

The Current ledger view shows only the most recent 50 transactions.

The History ledger view shows a detailed history of all transactions dating back to January 2020. This detailed history may take a few moments to load.

If a file has an arrears balance, MEP will enforce an additional percentage of the monthly ongoing support amount in accordance with Policy 606 – Arrears Collection & Overpayments.
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Protect your personal information. If you are searching this information from a public computer, remember to clear the browsing history once you complete your search.

If you need assistance accessing your case information, contact your MEP case officer.

Maintenance Enforcement Program
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Phone: 902-894-0383
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