Renew Temporary Health Card

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Personal information on this form is collected under Section 8 (Registration of Entitled Persons) of Prince Edward Island’s Health Services Payment Act (Regulations) and will be used to ensure a resident’s entitlement in respect to basic health services. If you require additional information, please contact Medicare Services, 126 Douses Road, Montague, PE C0A 1R0, 1-800-321-5492.

Use your current mailing address in the fields below. Submit a new application for each household member.
For example C1B 0X1
For example 902-555-5555
Provide the 8-digits (00123456) on the current PEI health card.
Previous Residence
Organ and Tissue Donor Decision
The information below will be stored in a secure computerized PEI Donor Registry. In the future, your organ and/or tissue donor decision will be displayed on your new Health Card. For more information about organ and tissue donation, please call: 902-368-5920.
This includes lungs, heart, liver, kidneys, pancreas, small bowel.
This includes skin, eyes, bone and related structures, heart valves/pericardium.
Language Profile
In order to plan for service delivery, please answer the following questions related to your language profile. Your preferred language of service will be displayed on your new Health Card. If you would like a unilingual French card please feel free to contact the Medicare Office at 1-800-321-5492.
The language you first learned in childhood and still understand.